You’ve heard of people discussing, and sometimes getting on a sort of squabble regarding which one is better, beaches or mountains. These squabbles have existed for a long time now with no proper conclusion to any one of them. To be honest, both of these destinations are built on their own ground. They have their own ambience, own nature and own personal appeal. Comparing both of them will never yield a specific answer because the choice depends on personal preferences. Some people prefer mountains, while some people have a soft corner for seas and oceans. But one thing is absolutely certain, both of these places have their own charisma, that cannot be topped by another one.

So, keeping all that in mind, if someone wants to plan a romantic gateaway or maybe a candlelight dinner beside the ocean on Myrtle beach, there is an amazing place one could try. As established before, oceans have their own charisma. The water meeting the horizon with the setting sun, or the bright and glistening night sky over someone’s head can be nothing short of heaven for people who are really moved by this type of natural beauty. This amazing place at Myrtle Beach takes dinner on the beach to a whole new level. The experience itself is fantastic and something to remember always.


Well, the question should rather be, “why shouldn’t you choose Sharkey’s?”. Sharkey’s is THE place for people who are looking for a great restaurant on the beach. People, for whom food is the first love and nature is the second, this is the restaurant to choose.

This place is also particularly famous for its delectable cuisine, more specifically, the seafood served here. The fish tacos of this p[lace is famous all over the island. The restaurant is also famous for another thing: frozen drinks and cocktails. If you’re looking for a place to take a break, enjoy authentic seafood and try some amazing cocktails, this is the best restaurant for that. The owner of this place, Kenny Nandwani, particularly chose this plot of land for its amazing view his first priority was the view and the food of this place.

Regarding the food, it is prepared by the head chef, Lenny Edwards, who has had twenty years of experience in this field. When you have food at a restaurant with a new chef, there are a lot of risks involved, regarding the food. But here the head chef’s experience makes you trust the food and try out new options from the menu. If you’re still not satisfied, you can check the various reviews that are present on the official site of the page to come to your own conclusion. Then you can decide if you want to visit this place or not, but this place would definitely not disappoint you.