Staying in a Disney Resort is more beneficial than you think

Staying in a Disney Resort is more beneficial than you think

Perhaps the biggest decision you can make in planning a trip to Disney World is choosing a place to stay. The fact that there are hundreds of thousands of hotel options in the area makes it even more difficult to decide. But to be honest, this is just a plain and simple problem. A lot of people forget the more beneficial option of staying on site.

While staying off-site hotels entail spending less money, you also missed key benefits that you normally enjoy at Disney World. This article will outline the reasons to stay at a Disney World Resort Hotel.

More Magic Hours

A program called Extra Magic Hours gives an advantage to a guest staying at a Disney Resort property by giving access to one park either before or after normal operating hours each day. Disney will provide a schedule that shows which parks open early or late every day. TO maximize your time, you can get to the park 30 minutes before the morning opening hours as well as stay late at night, a better alternative with families who have older kids. This is an added benefit because Extra Magic Hours tend to be less crowded compared to normal operating hours.


Travel perks

Disney takes pride in its service of streamlining its travel process. Their process starts by sending luggage tags to you that lets Disney bring your luggage’s straight to the hotel once you land from the airport, saving you the hassle of stopping at the baggage carousel. They also operate a free Magical Express Bus between the Orlando Airport and Disney World Resort. This will save you time and money traveling from the airport to the resort considering the 20-minute travel time.

Free transportation

Disney offers transportation options that are free for Disney Resort guests. And this is not just haphazard kind of transportation, these are vast transportation network that connects all hotels, attractions, and parks via boats, buses, and monorails.

Have nap time at the hotel

This is by far the most beneficial thing that families can get in staying in a Disney Resort, this is because of how close the resorts are to the theme parks. This means easy access to the hotel for nap time, for both children and parents alike. Resorts like Bay Lake Tower and Contemporary Resort are just five-minute walk to the Magic Kingdom. Disney World activities can be tiring to both parent and child, especially if a child is of napping age, so having this is a huge benefit for some properties.

Purchases can be delivered straight to your room

Products inside the park can be bulky, having to carry it all day will give you trouble. To save you from this hassle, you can just ask the store to have it sent back to your hotel room without any charge. However, it might take a few hours so better do it if you’re not in a rush.

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