Best TravelPro for international and domestic Flight

Best TravelPro for international and domestic Flight

TravelPro is particular luggage that was first invented by Northwest Airlines Pilot back in 1987. Since then it has been recognized as the best luggage among most flight crews and pilots in both international and domestic flight. Airline luggage Company has produced a wide range of luggage of different types, color and sizes. The following are a review of one of the top TravelPro luggage:


TravelPro Platinum Elite Expandable is an excellent example of TravelPro luggage made from imported nylon and fabric. It is a particular TravelPro product designed with almost two inches for more packaging room. Platinum Elite luggage is designed in different colors such as Vintage Grey, Shadow Black, Bordeaux and Rich Espresso.  Here are some of the unique features of Platinum Elite Products:

The external USB port and Power bank Pocket

Similar to most of the efficient TravelPro bags, premium elite luggage is designed with an exterior USB port together with power bank pocket. This pocket allows the users to charge the phone or any other electronic without opening luggage or even look at the ports.

travelpro luggage

Suiter-Plus-Pockets and more

A premium elite is also designed with a detachable suiter pocket that allows a smooth and wrinkle-free packing. It is also a built-accessory pocket with removable wet pocket and quart size that separates everything and enable an easier inspection, especially the airport. Everything inside the package can behold in place by adjustable tie-down straps.

The Handles and Wheels

A premium elite suitcase comes with double MagnaTrac wheels with self-alignment that can rotate 360 degrees. This luggage is carried by wheeled or handle by a telescoping handle with a contoured grip. It can be adjusted to a suitable height for an average individual.

Advantages of premium Elite luggage

  • Comes with dedicated power bank and external power bank in luggage
  • It has two ways to contain it such as telescoping and top handle
  • Business suitable colour choices
  • Pockets are designed with a complete removable pouch/pocket

Disadvantages of premium elite luggage

  • They are naturally expensive compared to other bags
  • Most of the brands are not durable the ways they should
  • Zippers and Wheels are most complaints about this type of luggage


Most of the famous brands and the top-selling have been improved and transformed over the decades to sustain with the customer requirements and also keep up with Airline quality standard. travelpro luggage also comes with a reasonable lifetime warranty.The purpose of this warranty is to cover many products lines with few changes and exceptions.