Can you Travel Alone in the Urban Parts of Chernobyl?

Can you Travel Alone in the Urban Parts of Chernobyl?

Everyday people travel to Chernobyl to unearth the mysteries and create their untamed Chernobyl diaries. Most people tour this place with a mindset of witnessing horror topography with scary pictures of the 1986 accident. Some don’t have anything in mind—they just want to experience the emptiness, atmosphere, and breeze of this neglected city. No matter what’s igniting your motive to tour this great city, you are going to come back with unforgettable memories and impressions. Book a private Chernobyl tour with and live to tell the story.

Can You Tour this Abandoned Area Alone?

Private Chernobyl tours are personalized special tour packages. Groups and individuals can book these tours to explore their most desired areas of the Chernobyl on their most preferred dates following their personal preferences. These tours meet the taste preferences of tourists who want to experience something out of the ordinary with quality access to pro photographers.


Is Your Safety Guaranteed?

Ukraine is no longer marked unsafe for tourists. More than 95% of Ukraine cities and towns are safe. Only Crimea, Donetsk, and Luhansk are marked unsafe by the National Departments of foreign affairs. Even the most mysterious and dangerous parts of Chernobyl are totally safe if the right rules are observed. promises to play their part of the safety bargain. You have to play yours too.

Some of the best ways to do these are;

  • Wearing strong clothes and shoes that completely cover your body.
  • Using the provided respirators, dosimetric controls, and dosimeters properly.
  • Avoiding taking with you kids below 18 years past the Exclusion zone.
  • Not entering any building in Pripyat.

Are our Packages Affordable?

Booking a private tour to Chernobyl with StalkerWay won’t leave dents in your pockets. Our packages are within budget reach and you will be left in shock how our affordable rates can cover up for so many things. Based on your personal preferences, you can pay for your trip in HBP, UR, or USD through Credit Card or PayPal. You can as well pay the money on the bus before the start of the tour.

What does the paid money cover for?

  • The journey to and from Kiev [the pickup and delivery point]
  • Accommodation and meals in a 2-star hotel.
  • Compulsory insurance
  • Permits to tour all recommended safe zones
  • Professional English-speaking guide services
  • Geiger-Muller dosimeter and respirator


It’s never too late to make a decision that could help change your perceptions and attraction towards certain things. You might have heard friends, coworkers or relatives discussing the fun they had in Chernobyl but you didn’t pay much attention since back, then you didn’t have the zeal. Now that you know what Chernobyl is all about and why it is the ultimate tourist destination for those looking to unearth mysteries of this forgotten and almost forbidden nuclear power plant, you should consider booking a private tour with one of the world’s best Chernobyl tour operator. StalkerWay will add real flavor and fun to your tour making you way more comfortable than you would have been if you toured the place alone.