Short stay Apartments tailored to your highest Standards

Short stay Apartments tailored to your highest Standards

You have taken a break from work, booked your tickets to Perth, Australia and are in your gala mood . Yes, you are at the right place. This is what you have been searching for. We at WA STAY bring to you grandeur estates at contemporary locations across Western Australia tailored made for your business tips or active holidaying. Urban energy, & sky high decadence blend in together to create the Perfect Place for you. Well designed, elegant, commodious, smart priced WA STAY properties surely transforms  your itinerary into a Golden Moments. Come; make your special choice from the wide array of WA STAY properties for your extra special holiday. Follow me, side by side to step into the WA STAY world of properties for your short stay holidays.

Perth Central: If you choose to sit back and relax in the heart of the city then pick from our 4 bedroom fully furnished comfortable accommodations. If you love to whip up a snack, to cut, to mince then our royal kitchen well equipped with electrical appliances is perfect for you. Our well ventilated spacious bedrooms of the Beckenham House, the modern & rich furniture, Ornated pieces, the dinner in the open will make your day unique and invigorating. Beckenham House 2, Perth Executive Home and The Keymer house are among well suited options for you to choose from.

Fremantle: Be calm; imagine the gushing, gurgling and roaring of the sea waves. Sounds as if the sea is waking you up from your sweet sleep.  Yes you heard it right. You are in the vibrant Freo Apartment on Preston of WA STAY properties. The view of the flax gold colored beach, the view of the horizon that is stitched with a silver line, the cool breeze will make your family relaxed. Besides, Complimentary Wi-Fi as a perk for you.

Perth Waterfront: If you are looking for 3-bedroom accommodation, then we offer you our unique, aesthetic properties. Lively, fascinating properties for your exceptional short term accommodation perth. If you plan to combine your business stay with recreation, then our Swan River luxury apartments are specially designed for you. If you come home, drained out with sweat and wish to recharge yourself, then heated spa will do the best for you at Swan River. Don’t worry; you will get all these dreamy luxuries at your affordable budget.

We at WA STAY properties are committed to excellence. Customer satisfaction is our main focus. Customer suggestions and desires are our main concern. What are you waiting for?..Live Outside the normal lines…..You can afford to dwell in the dream luxury at WA STAY properties.