Safety measures for lonely female travellers on train

Safety measures for lonely female travellers on train

There is a lot of pressure among the family members of a female who is travelling alone. It may be for a vacation, or simply because your exams are over and you are returning home. If there is a need to travel alone, the girls are insisted to travel in a train. This is because trains are considered safe and your family will have the satisfaction that you are travelling amongst a bunch of people, who might help you if need arises. Travelling alone in a train if you are a female is nothing more special than travelling alone. You can book your seats like anyone else and enjoy the journey. But, there are some minor things that you must pay attention to, when you are alone.

Here are the things that you must keep in mind while you are travelling alone on a train –

Book your seats –

Whether you are travelling alone or in a group, it is always suggested that you book your seats in advance to avoid confusion or losing a train. Check railway seat availability and book your choice of seat and berth so you can sit, sleep and travel in comfort.

Baggage –

If you are alone, one thing that you must be careful is about your belongings. Don’t forget to lock your bags before placing them under the seats. Do not keep any valuables in the bag. Always carry your handbag containing your ticket and wallet with you, even when you are going to the wash room. Do not leave it on the seat because there might be chances of theft.

Getting down at random stations –

If you are making a long journey, you must stay put and get yourself busy by reading a book or listening to music. Do not get down at random stations during nights, or day too for that matter. Stay inside the train and in your seat. If you want water, there are many sellers who will come in to sell water. Buy a bottle before you go to sleep in the night. Do not get down buying something and missing your train and all your belongings in an unknown station.

Toilets –

Be very careful while using the train toilets because women are prone to infections more often than men. Use the Indian styled toilets because it is less infectious. Always flush the toilets before and after use to maintain hygiene. You can carry sanitary hand washes and wet towels with you to keep your hands germ free.

Food –

You can opt for the food that is provided in the train to avoid getting down at stations and buying it yourself. You can also pack your own food for the journey if you are concerned about the quality of the food. One more option is to buy food from the various vendors who are selling all kinds of eatables at every stop.

This is how women can travel safely on a train when they are unescorted by men. Being alert and aware all the time is important to avoid any kind of problems.