Restaurants that you must check out in Bangalore

Restaurants that you must check out in Bangalore

Summers in Delhi are well-known for the unrelenting heat. The temperatures refuse to drop, and since it is located inland, there is no humidity in the air to bring some sort of comfort. A simple solution? Take a vacation to Bangalore. It’s cold temperature; with evening showers in the summer is an excellent way to escape the seasonal temperatures. Check out some of the Delhi to Bangalore Flights Schedule to book your flight today!

Other than the wonderful temperature and weather, Bangalore is also well-known for its numerous restaurants and food. Here are some of the must-see locations of Bangalore that are guaranteed to make you lick your fingers.

  1. Mavalli Tiffin Rooms, aka MTR

The legendary vegetarian restaurant has been serving food since 1924. MTR is located on Lalbagh Road and is one of the most popular spots of the city. IT is known for being the oldest idlidosa place in Bangalore and was one of the pioneers of the famed rava idly. During World War 2 when rice was scarce, they came up with an alternative, called rava.

  1. VidyarthiBhavan

Opened in 1943, it is one of the oldest eating spots of Bangalore. Located in Basavangudi, it is quite popular among students, writers, artists and even movie stars. Being extremely crowded at all times, there is a high chance that you’ll be sharing a table with some strangers! The masala dosa is renowned and has a unique flavour that can’t be experienced elsewhere.

  1. Punjabi Pleasures

For all the non-vegetarian and tandoor lovers, this is the place to be. Located on the famous MG Road, the restaurant looks like a regular building from the outside. The interiors, however, are a whole different story. From large windows give you a view of the chefs at work making incredibly delicious food.

  1. Nagarjuna

India is well known for its use of a vast array of spices and flavours.

For authentic food from Andhra Pradesh, Nagarjuna is the go-to restaurant. For lovers of spicy food, this is absolute heaven. Simple, yet delectable food is what makes the restaurant so successful.

  1. Karavalli

NarenThimmaiah began the restaurant 20 years back with the goal of serving traditional coastal food. Its comprehensive menu and excellent taste make it a must visit for lovers of seafood. The restaurant looks like a simple Mangalore house from the outside, but once you get in the aroma of the food will leave no doubts in your mind about its authenticity.

  1. Halli Mane

As the name suggests, the restaurant looks exactly like your average Indian village home. Serving specialty Kannada food, the Ragi Roti, and Coconut Holige are to die for. Light on the pocket and the stomach, this home-cooked style food is something anyone in India will be able to appreciate.

  1. ShriSagar (CTR)

ShriSagar is renowned across Bangalore for its legendary butter masala dosa. Located in one of the prime locations of Bangalore, at Malleswaram, this tiny restaurant has been a landmark of Bangalore since the 1950s. With waiting times that can reach almost 1.5 hours, this restaurant is always busy.