Procedure Of Getting Australia Temporary Work Skilled Visa Subclass 457

Procedure Of Getting Australia Temporary Work Skilled Visa Subclass 457

Hey, ever dreamt of working in Australia? Is yes, then it’s the high time to fulfil your dream. If you have got job skills and you have given fair performances in your previous jobs, then you might get nominated for working in Australia under Australia temporary work skilled visa subclass 457. This visa gives you authority o stay and work in Australia for a time span of four years. If you are interested in knowing more about visa, then read the whole article.

Working with Australian Companies

You can get temporary work permit Australia, if you get nominated for working in Australia by any renowned Australian company. However, you will be required to put some efforts to get nominated for skilled job visa.

Companies aim to grow, and they can grow only if they have skilled and qualified employees who have mastered in their jobs. This is the reason why companies expand the boundaries of recruitment and hire people from other countries (and from Australia as well) to come and work with them. They advertise the job vacancies and let people know about the vacant job position. People who hold the knowledge regarding the job and have required qualification can apply for the job, if they are interested in working with Australian companies.

The aspiring candidates mail their bio data along with the description of job experience, skills and qualification. Companies read all the resumes and short list the people who they think are perfect for the job and after short listing the people companies usually conduct an online interview to check the capabilities of candidate. If they find candidate eligible for the job which they offered, they nominate that candidate under Australia temporary work skilled visa subclass 457, so that they can come and work for them.

Nomination for job

Nomination process may look simpler but its actually not that simple. When the companies nominate any candidate for working with them, they have to mention the several things in the nomination letter:

  • Location in which the employee will be working.
  • Job they are being hired for and the need of candidate in the organisation
  • Relevance of job position in company
  • Salary rates of overseas employees and extra benefits which will be given to them (like conveyance, home and food)
  • Name and basic details of perspective employee.
  • The point to be noted here is that nomination is required for both, no matter if its labour agreement or standard business sponsorship.

Other requirements

Just because you got nomination for working in Australia doesn’t means that you got authority to work in Australia. There are some legal proceedings which need to be done, then only you will get skilled visa for Australia.

You need to submit various documents like your medical certificate, character certificate, English proficiency certificate (or any other certificate which prove that you have command over English). All these certificated are submitted as the proof of your authenticity and well-being. You can contact to travel agents to know about the visa program.