Pflueger is known world over for the quality of their fishing gear. Their commitment to new technology and dependability is what makes them the first to go brand when looking for fishing gear. The Pflueger President 6925 is one such product that shows their attention to detail.

Properties of Pflueger President 6925

  • Light graphite body. This makes it easy for children and the elderly to use. Fishing not be a tedious affair. Light weight gear makes it a fun activity.
  • Nine stainless steel bearings. This means it is durable, smooth to operate and low maintenance.
  • The main shaft is corrosion resistant free. This makes it a worthwhile buy as you are sure of it working for a long time without you worrying about corrosion.
  • The aluminum bail wire is thick to ensure you have no issues with your fishing line. You can therefore enjoy the day fishing without worrying about experiencing problems with your fishing line.

Pflueger President 6925

  • The handle is made of aluminum, is light weight and durable. You want to have a comfortable grip when fishing. This guarantees that.
  • Reels body is made of graphite. Same goes for the rotor. This means the reel is both light weight and strong.
  • The spinning reels are suitable for any fishing expedition. It may be on a boat, pier or even beach fishing. Whichever your choice, you will enjoy fishing with this.
  • The discs are made of stainless steel discs oil felt washer. This makes the drag system efficient as it is safe from corrosion. The whole reel is protected.
  • The handle has a soft touch knob which makes this an ideal fishing tool for amateurs as well as fishing lovers who are limited by strength due to illnesses such as arthritis which have affected their strength.

All fishing enthusiasts will appreciate this equipment especially if you have had to face the disappointment of reels failing after you have made your catch. You want to enjoy the fruits of your labor. The Pflueger President 6925 guarantees a fun and efficient fishing experience. Those exploring fishing as a sport or hobby need to start with the best equipment to make an informed decision on whether it is something they would want to venture in. It would be unfair to hate such an amazing experience because of poor choice of fishing gear. Catching the fish should be just as exciting reeling it in.