Benefits of giving sometime for massage

Benefits of giving sometime for massage

In a hectic and chaotic world like the one that surrounds us and engulfs us, it is increasingly difficult to escape from stress and it is increasingly difficult to find a moment for ourselves. A moment in which it is possible to confront one’s emotions, become aware of one’s weaknesses and accept them; a moment to devote exclusively to your own psychophysical well-being 인천출장안마.

The importance of massage in our daily life

The noble art of massage has very distant origins in time; since ancient times Hippocrates dedicated numerous observations on the practice of massage therapy, sensing its great potential at a therapeutic level for various types of pathologies and not neglecting its important psycho-physical benefits.

# 1 Massages stimulate the lymphatic system and help fight cellulite

Massages are also valuable for lymphatic stimulation , helping the kidneys to eliminate dangerous waste and toxins and to expel liquids that stagnate in the body. This also has a beneficial effect on both the immune system and the body silhouette. Massages, in fact, stimulate circulation and drain liquids, helping you to prevent those annoying pads and that unsightly cellulite from appearing. Furthermore, massages have a regenerating power for the body and skin, increasing micro-circulation and counteracting edema and inflammation.

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# 2 Massages improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system

Yes, massages also have beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. In particular, they promote the decrease in pressure on blood vessels and heart rate, improve blood flow and the quality of the blood circulating in our cardiovascular system and strengthen the heart . Furthermore, the improvement of blood flow also has an important consequence on all tissues and organs of the body, which will be able to enjoy the right and necessary nourishment, favoring our general psycho-physical well-being.

# 3 Massages help the respiratory system

By relieving emotional tensions, stress and anxieties, acting on the area of ​​the diaphragm and intercostal muscles, promoting relaxation of the body, massages help to breathe correctly , also improving the oxygenation of the blood and tissues of the body.

# 4. Massages have positive effects on the intestines and stomach

Massages can also have a beneficial effect on the intestine and stomach , promoting digestion and peristalsis, helping in case of gastritis and constipation.