Top 5 Destinations for Wine Tourism in France

Top 5 Destinations for Wine Tourism in France

Vine growing activity is one of the major assets of the tourism sector in France. As a matter of fact, wine and gastronomy are often cited as the main reasons for a stay in the country. The wine producing regions are among the greatest tourist destinations thanks to the diversity of the derivatives.Wine tourism is therefore based on the discovery of these wine regions and their production.

The Bordeaux Vineyard

In this beautiful part of the country, the vines themselves are considered as the main touristattraction. That is notably why many wine tours are organized all over the year. If you plan to go on a wine tour France, the vineyard of Bordeaux and its superb wine routes must beseen. Most of the time, the visitors arereceived in the vineyard and benefit from open houses. The Wine Festival is organized and celebrated every two years. Bordeaux has, among other things, a wine museum founded in 2008.


Burgundy is a historical region of central-eastern France. It is well-known for its red wines, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Chablis and Beaujolais. The region is crossed by a network of canals and dotted with majestic castles, some of which have been turned into luxury hotels.Burgundy welcomes many wine festivals throughout the year. For instance, the Saint Vincent Tournante festivalalways takes place the last weekend of January.

The Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is a large wine regionthat you should visit during a wine tour in​​France. It covers a70,000 hectares area and has many intriguing castles. Tourists can taste wine while admiring the beauty of the picturesque landscapes. The temperate, oceanic and continental climate is very pleasant and allows you to go hiking anytime. The destination is also perfect for family outings.

Alsace Region

Alsace is another historical region but you will find it in north-eastern France. It has about 15,600 hectares vineyard which extends over the whole region from Strasbourg to the north and from Mulhouse to the south. It stretches in a thin band over the Alsace region. Most of the localwines are white wines, but there are also sparkling, red and pinkwines. Alsace is house to the first wine routes in France. It crosses the vineyard for 170 km. Wine festivals and the vineyard marathon are held every summer.

The Rhône Valley

After Bordeaux, it is the second wine region of France due to its volume of production. In terms of wine tourism, many activities are available: wine tasting, wine cellar visits, meetings with the owners, discovering techniques of the vineyard, learningthe grape varieties, local wines and gastronomy. A quality charter of tasting cellars has been set up for tourists.