Backpacker’s Guide to Western Australia

Backpacker’s Guide to Western Australia

If you’ve been wanting to travel around in a campervan hire Australia, what is stopping you? It may be easy to think that you don’t have the budget for it, but you know what? It’s actually easy to do an affordable road trip when you know some tips for saving some bucks as you travel to the best spots in the country.

A favorite area for travelers is Western Australia. Do you know why? It’s full of some of the country’s best destinations and we’ll help you see why. As you consider traveling on a budget, here are a few tips for traveling around Western Australia for less money:

    • Consider renting a campervan hire from a company that needs it to be relocated. A lot of rental companies are more than happy to bring down the daily fee to just a dollar a day for backpackers and travelers who are willing to make the trip to return the RV to them.
    • Cheap eats abound in Australia. It’s just a matter of looking for them. A good way to both enjoy good food yet also not spend too much is to eat half of your meals in the comfort of your campervan hire while setting aside money for the other half at local cheap eats in the city that you visit.
    • Freedom camping can happen in Australia but you’ll have to be very careful that you’re not doing so in an illegal place. Do your research beforehand to find places where you can camp for free yet also consider the idea of looking for affordable campgrounds—there are plenty.
  • Know what you’re wiling to spend money on and what you don’t want to waste your money on. This way, you aren’t just pulling out your cash at every opportunity. This will go far in helping you to travel around Western Australia on a budget.

Now that you have an idea on how to travel on a budget in Western Australia, the following are some of our favorite destinations in the area that we think you may want to visit. Check out:

  • Perth: Perth isn’t that well-known city of Melbourne that everyone flocks to, but it is a great option for the money-saving traveler who will have a good time wherever they go. The good news is that Perth has beaches and parks, and plenty to do and is just as fun as any other happening Australian city.
  • Rottnest Island: If you want to visit an island where you can find some pretty unique creatures like the quokkas and enjoy some surfing breaks, Rottnest Island should be one of your stops on your road trip through Western Australia.
  • Nambung National Park: Yes, there are deserts around here and Nambung National Park is where you’re going to find limestone pillars scattered throughout a dry yet fascinating desert landscape.
  • Shark Bay: If you want to enjoy the water, go to Shark Bay. You can go fishing there, or snorkeling, or simply admire the marine life from the safety of your boat.
  • Coral Bay: Divers and snorkelers are in for a real treat when they visit Coral Bay. It’s a gorgeous destination in Western Australia where you can not only have the opportunity to go snorkeling to admire the coral reefs but where you may even have the chance to go swimming with whale sharks.
  • Kununurra: You’re in Australia, you want to see crocs. We get it, mate. But, be careful what you wish for. Just kidding. Check out Kununurra where you’ll find lakes, rivers, and yes, plenty of crocodiles.
  • Dunsborough: In the mood for a bit of the high life? Go to Dunsborough where you can visit plenty of wineries, play some golf, lounge around on beaches, or go whale watching.

In Conclusion

Don’t wait until you’re old and grey to enjoy some time in Australia. Consider how easy it is to be a young backpacker who is traveling the world footloose and fancy free. You need not much more than a few dollars in your pocket, courage to experience whatever comes your way, and of course some research on the places that you’ll be visiting.

Fortunately, Western Australia can be done easily on a budget. Unlike some other areas of the country, it doesn’t have such sky-rocketed prices, and you can still get by when you understand what to avoid and what to look for. The above tips will help you to travel on a budget while the destinations that we’ve included are certainly highlights of this region.

Are you ready to see what the fuss is all about? Pack up your campervan hire Australia and get out on the open road. Whether you spend a dollar on your daily RV rental or save money on your food, budget travel in Western Australia is possible.